Why CBD?

If you have anxiety, then you might take an anti-anxiety medication or if you have pain you may be taking anti-inflammatory medication. Those pharmaceuticals come with some very nice benefits – relief. They also come with some big costs. Many people experience significant negative side effects (e.g. headaches or digestive problems) addiction issues and possible long-term, degenerative problems with your bones or organs depending on what kind of medicine it is.

The difference with CBD (Cannabidiol) is that your body makes its own endogenous cannabinoids and we all have this beautiful, regulatory Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that responds positively to supplementing with CBD. That is the overall goal of taking a tincture, capsule, edible or vaping. To encourage your body to make more of its own cannabinoids and help put your body into homeostasis/balance.

Your ECS has receptors that are located in your brain and nervous system (CB1) and your organs and tissues (CB2). So, when you ingest CBD you are working on your total brain and body through the ECS. All CBD products work on you systemically except for topicals which generally work on targeted areas. This means that the many health issues which so many people have – anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, depression, pain, PTSD, etc. – can be impacted by supplementing with CBD. Your ECS does not differentiate between a person who has anxiety but not sleep problems. Your ECS is working on the total person and your whole body and mind.

Most people respond positively to CBD without the negative side effects one typically experiences with a drug. There are, of course, exceptions. Some people do not enjoy the hempy taste or may feel that the full spectrum products, which have less than .3% THC, are not right for them. Then they may choose an isolate or a different delivery system instead.

CBD is an amazing, holistic supplement that can help your ECS get stronger and improve its ability to make more cannabinoids and that means better health and wellness for you.

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