The Best Way to Take CBD

The Best Way to Take CBD

It turns out that there is no one way or one product that works for all people. So it behooves every individual to look at a wide range of options to make the best decision for themselves. There are four main delivery systems — vapes, liquids, capsules/gelcaps, and topicals.

Vaping is a very fast way to get CBD into your body through your lungs — around a15-minute activation time.This method makes the CBD more bioavailable to your body. Liquids/Tinctures need to be held under your tongue for at least 20-60 seconds and then you may swallow. With the help of the mucous membranes and capillaries these products activate in your body in about a half-hour because this method bypasses your digestive system. Capsules/Gelcaps/Tablets need to go through your digestive system and will take about an hour or possibly two depending on how well-functioning your liver processes supplements. These three options really work on you systemically whereas topicals are working on the targeted areas where you either have pain or a skin issue.

After you have made a decision about which type of product you want to try then it comes down to taste and price. It is always good to sample a drop or two of different tinctures so that you know if you are happy with how they taste. Some products are unflavored and some have added essential oils or sweeteners to make the liquid more palatable.

Sometimes you need to take a product for a few months before you know for certain that it is doing the job you want it to do. If you’re trying to reduce systemic inflammation it is not something that will happen overnight. Your Endocannabinoid System is begging you for CBD and depending on how long you have had the issue it may take a bit more time to see big results. Of course, some people start taking CBD and feel better immediately. Again, every person is different and the right product for you may not work the same for someone else. It is definitely an adventure in taking charge of your health and helping your body to get in balance. The good news is that there are so many wonderful options to choose from and at CBD Jubilee we are happy to help you find just the right product for you!

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