Knowledgeable Staff

It really isn’t fun to go to a store or shop online and not be able to get your questions answered by qualified staff. All of us have experienced the frustration of little help or no help from people at the counter or on the phone. At CBD Jubilee we have worked in the supplement industry for many years and have a depth of knowledge about how to use CBD products. It is not a “one size fits all” situation.

Every person has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and our bodies actually make several endogenous cannabinoids— Anandamide, 2-AG, NADA and OAE. But every person does not respond the same to CBD supplementation. These exogenous cannabinoids help to stimulate our ECS to assist our body in reaching homeostasis. Some people do very well with smaller, less potent doses and other people need more— sometimes much more— to have the same positive effects.

We want you to be an educated consumer and we will do everything we can to provide you with literature, websites and books that will help to guide you in your selections.


   Meet the Owner

She may be small but she is certainly mighty. CBD Jubilee’s owner, Alix Litwack started out 15 years ago with a Masters in Holistic Nutrition. Over the years she worked with hundreds of adults & children helping them make healthier diet and lifestyle choices. Her ability to listen to what is happening behind the bigger issues assisted her in becoming an important resource for all of her clients. She knows that when you are having headaches it may be caused by a food that you are allergic, intolerant or have a delayed sensitivity to. Or, maybe you had a fall or car accident that has jammed up your neck that is causing the pain. Whatever the foundational issue, Alix has a network of practitioners that she knows and has worked with to get to the best solution.

In 2004, Alix began working part-time at The Good Earth Natural Food Company – the grooviest health food store in Indianapolis. She helped customers figure out the best supplement and food options to meet their needs. Along with another Good Earth staffer, Deb McClure-Smith, Alix co-authored a book called, I Feel Good: Ten Easy Steps to Better Health.This book offers readers an easy way to change one’s habits plus 40 whole foods recipes to try on the road to good health.

One of Alix’s dream come true opportunities came in 2012 when she became the producer and host of a half-hour, radio program called, Another Day of Living. This lively and informative show became a staple of WITT, public radio station’s list of favorites. She interviewed integrative, alternative and holistic practitioners on a wide-range of topics exploring how to be a healthy person. From Osteopaths to environmentalists, Alix made health and wellness both interesting and fun.

Now, another dream has come true in creating this new adventure in health. CBD Jubilee is a store and website designed to assist as many people as possible in finding balance. There are myriad benefits in taking CBD and Alix feels strongly that reducing the stress and anxiety of everyday life may be the underpinnings of creating one’s best road to living life to the fullest. That is what hemp-sourced CBD can do for so many.

Alix would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact her here.