CBD is an amazing healing option for pain relief. Whenever I speak to a customer about their pain — I tell them that pain is the “Trifecta of Suffering.” First, when you have acute or chronic pain, whether it be knee, neck, low back, etc., you do not feel your best. Second, when you are in pain it ratchets up your level of stress and anxiety because your shoulders and chest are tense, you may not be breathing deeply, and you are constantly thinking that you want to be out of pain. And, the third part is that when you have big pain, it may be difficult for you to find a comfortable position to sleep and so now, you are also battling insomnia.

It is a lot to deal with. Sometimes the pain stems from an injury, overuse, repetitive motion, or a degenerative condition such as arthritis. The best part about the healing properties of CBD is that may be able to significantly reduce the systemic inflammation that is underlying that pain as it works through your Endocannabinoid System. Truly, inflammation is the cause of most dis-ease in our bodies. Tamping that down or even erasing it altogether is what we want you to experience.

Taking a CBD tincture, capsule, or edible is going to help work on reducing pain and bringing relief everywhere in your body. It is a personal preference as to which delivery system you want to use. However, there are times when for some customers taking a tincture is the answer and for other customers, a capsule or gel cap may work better. Depending on how well you respond to a product will determine whether it is the right product for you.

Trial & Error Questions:

*Is the potency enough to address the pain?

*Are you taking the product once or twice a day?

*Have you given the product enough time to work?

*Do I need to also do a CBD topical to offer relief in specific areas?

Once you have answered these questions then you are on the road to less pain and better health. Your shoulders may drop down and that grimace on your face may disappear. It is always our goal to work with customers to tailor what they take to how they respond to each product they try.

There is no single CBD/THC product that works effectively, on pain relief, for all people. You can call us for a consult or come into the store and try a sample or two to see what kind of response it creates for you. We are happy to be on your CBD/THC adventure with you and get you feeling your best!

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