CBD & Exercise — A Great Match

CBD & Exercise — A Great Match

Summer is here and the games have begun. Many of us want to take advantage of the beautiful weather to get/keep our bodies in good shape. Moving your body on a daily basis is one of the pillars of good health just like eating and sleeping well. Whether you enjoy walking, running, cycling, swimming, or outdoor yoga — your body may get a bit achy after.

Enter CBD and the many ways to help with recovery, muscle aches, strains, and overuse. CBD and Delta 8 THC, which are sourced from hemp, may be very effective in reducing systemic inflammation and calming down those areas that are causing you discomfort.

Some people like to take a gummy or dose with a CBD or CBG tincture to help them recover after a workout. Within a relatively short period of time, those cannabinoids are going to get into your bloodstream and help your muscles relax by bringing down the inflammation that underlies any kind of pain.

Topicals are also amazing at melting into your body in the targeted area which allows that CBD to give you relief fairly quickly. For example, if after walking, your calves are aching then you can spread the topical all over your lower leg and within approximately ten minutes you will feel so much better. You may also use a topical more than once a day if you’ve got pain that is breaking through.

All kinds of professional athletes are using CBD to enhance their performance and to feel better when they’re training. Instead of NSAIDs and pain medications that upset your stomach and are highly addictive — why not consider integrating CBD into your workout routine and be on the road to feeling your best.

CBD Reduces Inflammation

CBD Reduces Inflammation

The number one benefit of CBD is that it reduces systemic inflammation. That is a huge plus because inflammation is the underlying cause of all dis-ease in one’s body. Whether you have an infection, virus, pain, cancer, insomnia, or anxiety — there is inflammation that underlies that condition.

You might wonder, how is this possible? Our body responds to emotions, pathogens, and injury by creating inflammation to fight off whatever is causing you trouble. Think about how white blood cells go to the site of a cut or scrape or how your body develops a fever to battle the flu. Or, if you’re stressed out, not sleeping, or having panic attacks then you may be creating inflammation in your gut, your nervous system, or the cardiovascular system. Any number of factors may be throwing you out of whack. CBD works to get you back in balance.

That is the beauty of CBD. It supplements your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to help your body’s regulating systems get you to a state of homeostasis. By feeding your ECS through your CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBD is working to reduce the inflammation and help you feel better. When you are stressed, worried, and living in fight or flight mode — then you’re creating inflammation. If you have been exposed to a virus or bacteria then you have inflammation. And, if you have an auto-immune issue, digestive issue, hormonal imbalance, and more, then you have inflammation.

Taking CBD daily will not only boost your ECS and reduce inflammation it will also boost your immune system to function well. We all need strong immune systems to survive well in a world that is fast-moving and intense. There simply is not a downside to putting CBD into your daily wellness routine to support your body systemically, foundationally, and therapeutically. CBD is amazing.

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